Issue with self hosted install and SSL certificates

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Hello all,

I am having an issue with a self hosted install on Ubuntu and getting the SSL certificates straight. Currently the nginx docker is stuck in the ‘restarting’ phase due to looking for these SSL files. I have a wildcard SSL certificate. The files I have are a mydomain.crt and a Ngninx is currently looking for a ca.crt file and I am unsure of how to handle that with the files I have. I have configured their locations correctly in ‘config.yml’ using the ‘ca-bundle’ in place of the ‘ca.crt’ but this is not working. Any help is appreciated.


For anyone else who may find this, I corrected this by combining the mydomain.crt and file and output it to ca.crt.

$ cat mydomain.crt > ca.crt

Stopped bitwarden, verified config.yml file locations, updated config, restarted it and it was good to go.

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