Issue with reports under tools tab in web vault

I’ve been using bitwarden for a little over a week now and just today I purchased the premium plan. I’ve noticed that whenever I refresh my web vault the contents inside of the reports section in tools disappear. like the reused passwords, weak passwords, inactive 2fa, and everything else under reports. For example, for 2FA: It just says “GOOD NEWS No websites were found in your vault with a missing two-factor authentication configuration.” I know I have reused passwords and I was going to reset them but then I discovered this glitch. The same applies to everything else under reports not just 2FA. Does anyone know if this is a security feature or if it’s actually a glitch?

EDIT: the only way to fix this is to completely log out of the web vault and then log in again. It only fixes it for the session that im in the web vault and the same thing happens when I refresh even when I log out. I suspect that it is a cookie issue because they save data of the web vault but when I checked there was no cookies being blocked in the web vault.