Issue efter installing bitwarden on ubuntu

I’m new to ubuntu and was trying to set up Bitwarden. Now I have no internet connection.

I would like to install the app (which I’m using on my Mac), but I think I didn’t something completely wrong. I had troubles getting the app to work properly, so I tried to install it in terminal with snap. And it seems like it was a big mistake…

The situation now:

No internet. It says “Connection failed. Activation of network connection failed” - I have a network cable plugged in (it worked fine before)
The prompt in terminal is changed to “katrine@bitwarden”.

I really hope somebody can help me out.

Hmm, what commands did you enter in the terminal when you were installing it?

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Here is the link with installation instructions on GNU/Linux Install and Deploy - Linux | Bitwarden Help & Support
As far as I can remember you’ll need a working Internet connection during install because it will pull docker images.
As Dan suggested post the commands you used and we will try to help you out.

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unfornutely not. I think it was during installing bitwarden via snap in terminal. I guess everything would be a lot easier, if I remembered exactly what happened…

I’ll just reinstall ubuntu.

Thank you for your responses.

OK, good luck :slight_smile:

You could possibly have opened a terminal window and used the up cursor key to show you what commands you previously entered.

Also an old “history” command is a good friend :wink: