Is there anything like 1Password Mini that I can use with Bitwarden? (i.e. choosing, copying and autofilling using only the keyboard)

I’m working on making the jump from 1Password on macOS to Bitwarden. So far I’m finding Bitwarden a bit rough around the edges compared to 1Password, but I’m willing to keep working at making it fit my workflow.

The one thing it’s missing though is a similar feature to 1Password’s mini window (aka “1Password Mini”), which for those who don’t know is a window I can pop open with a simple hotkey. It will open with a search field already focused, and then I can start typing and searching everything in my vault very easily.

I can then use arrow keys to navigate through the interface and highlight various aspects of the item I have selected, such as a username, password, or a TOTP. Then if I hit enter, it gets copied to the clipboard. So it’s a bit similar to pressing Cmd+Shift+Y or Cmd+Shift+L on a webpage with the Bitwarden extension installed, but more powerful and convenient.

Being able to do all of that with just the keyboard was a huge part of my workflow, and I know I’ll miss it terribly if Bitwarden doesn’t have something similar. It may even be enough to keep me from making the switch.

Is there anyway I can get similar functionality out of Bitwarden? I’m open to using reputable third party apps or other ways of setting up special keystrokes to simulate this feature.