Is there a way to unlock the vault using your iPhone bluetooth as authenticator?


Many years ago I’ve been listening to Security Now podcast with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. Steve was recommending LastPass as a password manager and since I trust him - I started using it. After the most recent LastPass efup Steve’s recommendation has changed and hence I am here. You got my $10 and I must say - I am very impressed.

Loving Bitwarden - after figuring out how to Auto Fill at page load and how to change the matching to best fill out passwords for my subdomains - I am very impressed.

One question. I’ve installed the Bitwarden app for windows and mac and the Chrome extensions for my browsers. My question is:

  • Can I set the lock on the vault depending on whether my iPhone is connected to the bluetooth on said device and keep authed in as long as the bluetooth sees my phone in range?


  • Is there a way of creating a pendrive (yubikey-like) that will auto auth me to the bitwarden when plugged in and will keep me authed in until its plugged out?

Great job. Keep it going. Don’t LastPass it up.

Kindest regards.



Hey @AndrzejL feel to create anew feature request here: Feature Requests - Bitwarden Community Forums

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Hey Bud, I will, I was just wondering if I missed something while searching for the options hence this thread but yeah one feature request coming up.