Is there a way to keep the application open; stop repeated logins every time exit

I hope this is not the same as keeping the app unlocked. As I transferred info from another system every time I added a new program ionto bitwarden that needed a password, I had to login again…at times less than a minute separated the two. Is there a hot key (I saw ctrl+shift+ L) I can activate that will allow me to log in without having to login again, but I have been unable to make it work for me. I realize this can be misused, but al!most everything can be

Are you referring to the desktop app and need to input your master password?
There must be a setting in the configuration where you can avoid auto lock for various minutes or even an hour.

I believe this is what you have been looking for. Unfortunately I do not use desktop app so I can not guide you further.

Yes, to do this you need to set the Lock TImer to “Never”.

Assuming you are referring to the Desktop app: Click “File”, then “Settings”, and under “Lock Options” select “Never”.