Is it possible to use multiple bitwarden servers for redundancy/load sharing, preferably using PHP?

I am on lastpass and am looking at moving to bitwarden self-hosted. There are a few of us (we will want to share some passwords) in a not for profit, and we all run servers at home. We will use syncthing to do sharing (with a proxmox vm each at each of our houses) so that if one connection goes down we still have access to our data. I was wanting to do something similar with bitwarden, so that if the internet (in regional Australia we don’t have the most reliable internet) goes down at one of our places we can still have server access from the other 2. Has anyone done this?

I was thinking it would be relatively simple to write a small PHP site (on a cpanel account) that acts as a dynamic dns (for changing IP addresses) as well as check which servers are up, and then pass an IP address back for bitwarden to look to. I think the hard part would be having multiple bitwarden server instances sync’d up.

Any ideas?