Is it possible to delete passwords from the Windows clipboard history?

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about. Windows has a clipboard where it saves previously copied items if you have it enabled. See screenshot.

I’ve have just stumbled upon it, that password copied out of the Bitwarden which will automatically cleared after 10 seconds are still available in the so mentionen Windows Clipboard. Is there a possible way to have to have them deleted there as well?

I know to have this feature enabled might not sound like a clever idea in general. Are there any recommendation other than disabling the Windows Clipboard?

I edited your topic title to add the word “history” at the end. You are describing the Clipboard History feature. If you copy and paste passwords, it is recommended to disable the Clipboard History feature by going to Windows Settings > System > Clipboard. Bitwarden cannot clear the clipboard history, and enabling the clipboard history results in Bitwraden’s “clear clipboard” functionality not working.

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@Ngo @grb

It is possible to clear Bitwarden items from your clipboard if you allow the browser extension to access your clipboard. This will prevent the passwords from being pasted when you use Ctrl + V.

You can adjust these settings by going to Settings > Options > Clear clipboard

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@sj-bitwarden Is this a recent fix? GitHub Issue #2621 seems to still be open, suggesting that this has not yet been fixed.

Also relevant: Github Issue #2633.

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Great callout! This does still appear to be an open issue, so I’ve adjusted my comment above and I’ve also followed up internally to see if there’s been any progress.

Thanks @grb!!

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