Is Bitwarden still considering maintaining the Flatpak?

In June of 2021, a post was made requesting that Bitwarden consider taking over maintenance of the Bitwarden Flatpak application. Likely people request this because they don’t want to rely on the unofficial Flatpak when it could in theory be compromised by a malicious contributor (though perhaps the main person who currently maintains it is trustworthy, idk).

Although it is similar to the Snap package that Bitwarden currently maintains, most people tend not to like Snap for multiple reasons, among them being how Snap does not behave correctly on any distro other than Ubuntu and a couple others. Flatpak is a truly cross-distro solution that integrates with the system much more seamlessly than Appimage, and it has seen increasing adoption in popular distros.

Since the original topic has not really been touched since May of 2022, I was just wondering if there were still talks about picking up the Flatpak. For most Flatpaks I tend not to care who packages them, but for something literally designed to store sensitive information, the package being maintained officially brings a lot of comfort.


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In full agreement. Flatpak is far more distro agnostic, and yeah, it would be super nice to have it be official.

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It is sad that there is no flatpak. . Flathub has reached critical mass and the paid app store is coming. Why a company would choose appimage in this day and age, when Flatpak is so advanced and secure, and guaranteed to run everywhere is beyond my imagination. Apple has .dmg, Microsoft has .exe/msi, and Linux has Flatpak for desktop apps.

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