Is bitwarden server down?

I am getting the error message “An unhandled server error has occurred” when trying send any data to bitwarden. Basically I cannot make any changes to my vault. This is happening on different isps and across browser plugins web vault.

Is there a status page anywhere?

I don’t know if there is a status page. That would be very useful.

I am receiving the same error.

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Yep, same thing is happening here too. I agree, a status page would be nice.

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I’m getting the same error too.

It looks like bitwarden server(s) has been down for at least 30 minutes: See

same error for me, but only on one of my two accounts.

@Ashish_Verma That’s really odd. Is one of them a non-premium self-hosted account?

Azure is having an outage that is affecting Bitwarden (and many other services).

Bitwarden status updates on Twitter:

Wow, that took Microsoft a half hour to update their Azure status page:

@kspearrin Kyle, can you please post bitwarden status updates on this official bitwarden community site? Many of us never use twitter, as twitter posts are often not trustworthy, and they basically are the opposite of a privacy-centric business.

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This issue is now resolved.

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Thank you. Might there any way for perhaps more descriptive error messages?

While I was trying to login, I kept getting “The username/password is incorrect” leading me on a wild goose chase. I thought I was going crazy.

Is there…a way to detect server issues or all errors automatically default to “your credentials are wrong–type it again!”

I typed in 5x in a minor panic attack that I’d been compromised.

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I’m having the same problem today (cannot log in via app or browser plugin).
Is the login server down (again)?
Logging in via the webpage works just fine.

From bitwarden twitter:

We are currently experiencing downtime of a few services while we perform some maintenance on our infrastructure. Those already logged into Bitwarden client apps should continue to operate in read-only offline mode without issue.

From Azure:

Starting at 12:41 UTC on 18 May 2020, a subset of customers may experience difficulties connecting to some of their resources hosted in Central India …

Same problem and the server error is gone now. ‘failed to fetch’ is coming.

I cant login through webpage either

Same here. Cannot login. Cannot sync from mobile.
For past opened page, cannot save new credentials.

service recovered now for me.

So, what happened exactly ? And should we be worried about our data ?

Did the problem came from Azure, or from Bitwarden doing mistakes while performing maintenance ?

I don’t know exactly what happened but my geuss is that something went awry during a scheduled maintenance in Azure and it affected bitwarden.

I’m not concerned about my data since bitwarden uses end-to-end encryption. This means that even if something did happen to my data in Azure, only i have the decryption key.

Did anybody happen to notice what time Azure reported those problems cleared? I wonder if that correlates to when bitwarden came back online (~06:45 UTC) …