Is bitwarden safe?

Is bitwarden safe ? How do we know it’s trust-able ?
Are items encrypted ? Or can they see our items in text form ?
Who is the beneficiary of this product ?

Real questions that need answers for All to see.

  • Bitwarden is a mature product that has been around for several years.
  • It’s has trustworthy as any other pasword manager, as a bonus it is open source so you can review the code. Bitwarden has undergone security audits.
  • Bitwarden appears to be based in the US, which is part of the 5, 9, and 14 eyes for surveillance. Listing this since people may want to know where their password manager is based. Keep in mind that it is open source so you can see the code.
  • Bitwarden uses a zero knowledge model where they can’t see your vault. They can’t even see your master password so if you lose it, they can’t help you recover it. The vault is encrypted so that if someone breaks into their server and steals the vault, the info they steal will be encrypted. The product does cache a local copy of the vault, but that is also encrypted. Unlike Chrome password manager, you cannot decrypt the vault using your acccount, you also need to have the encryption key in the form of master password.
  • The beneficiary of this product is both the users who use the system and the shareholders of Bitwarden. In the end, it’s a commercial product. The vendor is here to make money by providing a product that is useful to customers who wants to paid. However, they also use a freemium model where the paying customers gets a more feature-rich version that funds the users who are not paying. Keep in mind that it is still a for profit, so this model will probably be subject to change. However, the product is significantly cheaper than its competitor for what you get.

1: Yes, it is. 2. We searched, read and learnt. See: Compliance, Audits, and Certifications | Bitwarden Help & Support

1: Yes, they are. 2: No they cannot. See: Vault Data | Bitwarden Help & Support

You, me, teams and organizations, enterprises, everyone: Vault Data | Bitwarden Help & Support

Real answers that already have been given so many times:
Google search: bitwarden audits encrypted


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My mother used to occasionally tell me not to be a baby bird, sitting on my backside squawking and expecting worms to be rammed down my throat, but rather to find things out for myself. Vault Data | Bitwarden Help & Support is one place to start answering some of the questions which were asked.