Is 2FA deactivated when emergency access is activated?

If I have 2FA on my Bitwarden account and a family member activates emergency access, will my 2FA be turned off so that they can get in?

Please read this post

Only in takeover scenario :slight_smile:

In view-only, your account stays the same.

How will they be able to see the passwords in view-only mode if there is 2FA on the account? What makes view-only mode different?

View-only allows you to see their data from within your vault, so there is no need to log in/authenticate against their account. It’s similar to how an organization can share data with other users.

Cool, thanks!

Since I have you here I think I found a bug with emergency access. It seems a user in a family organization who has premium because of it gets a server error when trying to setup emergency access.

Can you please post an issue on our GitHub repo for our web vault in regards to the error, steps to reproduce, etc.? That would be extremely helpful, thanks! You can also check to ensure no one else has already posted the issue (as of right now it doesn’t look like it).