Iptables error starting/updating

I’m getting the following error when I try to start or update bitwarden on my self hosted environment:

Creating network “docker_default” with the default driver
ERROR: unable to insert jump to DOCKER-ISOLATION-STAGE-1 rule in FORWARD chain: (iptables failed: iptables --wait -I FORWARD -j DOCKER-ISOLATION-STAGE-1: iptables v1.6.2: Couldn’t load target `DOCKER-ISOLATION-STAGE-1’:No such file or directory

Previously, I got errors on a non-existing table. I was able to create it and continue but now it comes up with this one and I don’t know how to fix this one.

What puzzles me is why it’s using iptables when my machine is actually using firewalld. i thought docker should detect this and use firewall-cmd commands instead?

Any way, if anyone is able to help me out with this I’d appreciate it!

I dont understand, I got issues for over a week struggling to fix this. I’ve updated my machine and rebooted plenty of times.

Just now I update and reboot as I always do and bitwarden updates and runs wihtout a hitch.

Both docker and iptables updated though.