IPAD two factor authentication

so my question is this; I have IPAD with a lightning connector and Chromebook with USB-c connector.

what I was hoping to do is get a Feitian 2fa key that has usb-c on one end and lightning on the other end.

I thought I would be able to use one key slot and register through Authn on Chromebook and it would be recognized on both Ipad and Chromebook. The Chromebook recognizes the key via usb-c but the Ipad doesn’t recognize the key when inserting it into the lightning connector.

2FA authentication is now enabled on both my chromebook and Ipad but I can’t access my vault on the ipad since the key is not being recognized

I have not been successful in using lightning to usb-c adapter for the other keys that I use on my Chromebook.

so my questions are; does anyone know of a usb-c to lightning adapter which works.

If not what is the best course of action to enable access to bitwarden on IPAD

I finally figured out to use the touch key for authentication to unlock vault and don’t need a fido key

Good. :grinning:
I was going to suggest getting support from Feitian to get the lightning interface to work. I understand lightning adapters are not recommended on iPads due to MFI restrictions.

Thank you for your response

Feitian support is non-existent. What is strange is that I can create the key via Webauthn, but it won’t read.