iOS search font color

Please change search font color to white/other from actual black )))

Search form is black-color filled and font is also black )))

Thanks for fixed bug!

I still have this issue only in the Black theme and while the theme is called black, it would be really nice to be able to read what I’m typing in the search bar :wink:

I’m not able to reproduce on my iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 13.6 installed. I tried all 4 themes… :confused:

I wish I could deny my way out of this one :slight_smile:

We have gotten this report before, I’ll have to check on the status. I’m using an iPhone XS on iOS 14.

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May be it’s an iOS 14 thing? :confused:

I wish! I actually experienced it with iOS 13 as well, but the good news is we have some framework-level theming updates in the queue after our SSO release :metal:

The issue (or at least the related theme topic that will fix the issue) for reference on GitHub:

note: for my sanity, I have moved this to user support since it’s not a feature request per-se.

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Happens on my iPhone 11 on 13.6.
Reinstalling the app doesn’t fix it, but it’s just a nuisance and if you already have something on the roadmap to potentially deal with it, that’s great news.

Thanks for a great password manager :slight_smile:

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Then let’s wait for this fix. :+1: