iOS safari Workaround for auto fill not working

On IOS, It looks like the most recent update broke autofill for me. When pressing my login above keyboard, nothing happens. If I press the key button and then click bitwarden… the bitwarden opening screen shows up but then freezes on that screen. It doesn’t ask for password or fingeprint.

The workaround I found only works on safari, chrome and maybe a few other places. It is clicking the share button, then clicking bitwarden. Then bitwarden successfully opens up without freezing and you can procede like normal.

Edit: the share button is the button with a square and an arrow pointing up. It is probably at the top of screen or bottom of screen.

If bitwarden doesn’t show up. Press edit actions and toggle it on.

If that doesn’t work, open up the bitwarden app, go to setting, click app extension, click enable app extension, something should pop up and then press bitwarden on the pop up. Then see if bitwarden is there after clicking the share button