IOS how to stop Long List of options

One question i have never been able to solve is the multiple long list of password options in IOS.
I have Bitwarden on my IOS devices and works a dream untill i login to my server(s) apps 36 of them.
I have them set in BW as HOST so it matches server ip and port. Now in Browsers it only shows 1 entry for each app, which what i would expect.
But if i go and look in IOS i get like 25 options its not able to pick up on ip and port i do not think.
All my url links are set to host so it should only see the ip with the port address.
But not sure why BW is storing in its memory cache all these saved options.
If i remove BW completely with data. So after removal i do not get these option / saved passwords.
When i add back the app they start showing again even though the BW IOS app is set to host only!
How can i remove thse saved passwords and entries from BW app?