iOS- Enable ellipsis button (•••) on browser autofill

Feature name

  • Enable ellipsis button when opening UI with suggested passwords.

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?

This feature is enabled by default within the app. All the passwords have an ellipsis button (•••) that bring up different options: View, Edit, Copy Username, Copy Password, Launch.

When I use the autofill option sometimes the password gets filled in the wrong place. So I’d like to be able to copy the password and paste it in the correct place. But when I open the UI from Safari, the ellipsis button does not show, it only allows to auto-fill. I’d like to at least see the copy functions: Copy<Username/Password/TOTP> to not have to open the app, look for the entry I need to copy to go back and fix it.

I have run into issues with websites that require a

Username: (autofilled username)
Verification code:(autofilled password)

The verification code box gets autofilled with the password and there is no way but to go to the app itself to copy the password and I already have the verification code that was sent to my email copied.

This brings flexibility when something isn’t working quite right and reduces the burden of the user to have to switch between apps for something they shouldn’t need to.

I have experienced this multiple times but I have not had a list of places that have this. I think giving flexibility to the user is better as it’s impossible to predict every scenario.

The VSP websites uses this feature every now and then and the behavior is incorrect. But even worse is the fact that I cant copy my password from the autofill UI (this is the UI that shows up after I press the lock button).


After clicking the lock button.