iOS doesn't follow match detection setting

I’m using iOS 16 and autofill doesn’t seem to care about match detection. as you see in the first picture all these passwords using the same local address but with different ports and all use starts with match detection.

but when I click on “Bitwarden” at the bottom of the list it opens this menu that follows the match detection setting and as you can see only 1 password actually matches the site i’m browsing.

(2nd Image)

Is there a better match detection I should be using or this is out of my hand?

Example: (Starts With) <— this is basically how all of my local address passwords are stored with different ports of course.

this is the second image, i wasn’t able to embed it due to being a new user.

This is a limitation of iOS, not Bitwarden.

From the Using URIs FAQ:


While using keyboard based suggestions, iOS will always use base domain matching for autofill suggestions. Opening the Bitwarden app during login will allow you to manually select the appropriate app for autofill.