IOs Auto-fill not working

Hi everyone,

we’ve been testing bitwarden at our firm for a few days now, both on a computer, as well as on a smartphone (Iphone).

whereas the desktop experience has been quite nice and smooth, the IOs experience is lacking.

Now, I am not sure if the IOs problem comes only from my phone’s settings or it might be something that more users are encountering, as I was not able to find anything similar in the community forums.

I will try to explain.

I have setup all settings in the bitwarden app as recommended in the bitwarden wiki (FAQ).
as soon as I try to use the autofill function, either in Chrome, or Safari, the autofills does not load for some websites (an example here would be it might just be that Safari does not support the latest version of bitwarden, or viceversa?

whereas in the FAQ it says to click the “share” button when in safari, clicking the “share” button on my iphone doesn’t redirect me to any place where I can choose bitwarden from the options.

The app extension has already been activated, but weirdly enough, if I close the bitwarden process and restart the app, go to app extensions, it says to “re-enable extension.” which i do not really understand, as I have not deactivated the extension.

my Safari interface does not look like in the FAQ image underneath

Has anyone else encountered similar problems?
Am I doing something wrong?

Running latest IOs on Iphone 8.