iOS: Auto-create new entry in vault seems to be missing

I have been using Bitwarden for a year now on windows and Android (with the Bitwarden app installed). Wenn using a new android app I can automatically create a new login entry in the Bitwarden vault and the uri would already be filled in. I only have to generate a password and maybe the name of the entry.
Since a couple of weeks I have iOS devices and of course installed the Bitwarden app too. I have configured the auto-fill option and it works in principle. What I am missing is the auto-create feature I described above. When opening a new app and creating a new account for it, I can switch to Bitwarden but it shows a blanc entry. Since I don’t know the uri the app uses, I cannot save the credentials and actually can’t use Bitwarden as convenient as on android.
Also, when using a certain app on android and iOS (i. e. banking app), on iOS I can at least search for the android entry in the vault, copy login name and pw and paste it in the iOS app. But if could add the correct iOS uri to the uri-list in the vault, the auto fill-in would work completely.
Can anyone help here?
Am i missing something here on iOS or doing wrong?
Thanks Vinnie

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Hi @Vinnie ,

When I started using password managers about 10 years ago I also had an Apple device.
What made me leave all Apple devices was that its incompatibility with password managers…
Just posting to alert you that it may be something that may have no solution.
Hopefully someone with an IOS device can help you and prove me wrong.
All the best!