iOS app Unlock

I am using the iOS app (version 2.6.1(278) and I enabled both the unlock with TouchID and PIN Code. They show as being enabled. However, when I reopen the app, it only prompts me to use TouchID to login and not my PIN.

So either it’s bug because they both say enabled therefore should be prompting me for TouchID and PIN or if you enable one of them the other should not be allowed to be used or disabled if it’s enabled and I choose to use the other one.

It’s like having multiple two-step login options. If TouchID fails, you can put in your PIN. Biometrics take the first shot and then fall back to PIN, and then back to Master Password :+1:

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Thanks for the information

I got BW yesterday. I setup vault to lock at 4 hours but it locks the minute I leave app. When I go back in, it gets unlocked by my faceID. No matter what time frame I put vault to lock, it’ll get locked the minute I leave app. Is it a bug in the app or I’m doing something wrong? It’s the same version as op.

I think it’s a bug, I upgraded to an iPhone 12 and have unlock with FaceID enabled and it will log in once I put my password in and I wasn’t looking at the phone when I clicked on OK after entering my password (tilted phone away from me)