iOS app - make search field always show at top of My Vault tab and auto-focus it when opening app

In the iOS app (and possibly Android?) make search field always show at top, and auto-focus it when opening app. Logins could be found much quicker this way, and it would not detract from other app features at all. Searching from the “My Vault” search bar would search all items.

Additionally, auto-focus the search bar when selecting in visual folders. Currently you select a folder, then have to tap into the search field to search.

To clarify: the search bar should be shown st the stop of the “My Vault” tab always.

I’m going to walk back my additional request that the search bar be auto-focused - that would cause the keyboard to display as soon as you open the app, which would be annoying as it would block things.

Still, I stand by the search bar being pinned/always displayed at the top of My Vault - it would save a press for no real cost as far as I can tell.

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Vote from my side on this one. Show it by default, but not focus it

Could make auto-focus an option. The idea behind auto focus is that the app then becomes a sort of quick launcher - open the app and begin typing the login/card/whatever you need to access immediately.

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Could autofocus only if no results where found. This is pretty common when trying to auto-fill apps (as opposed to websites)