iOS 2023.3.2 bug

iOS version in title bug: if app is left on item page then reopened. When you close the item the app crashes. Has happened many times since the update. No other issues that I’ve noticed. Thanks all.

I can’t reproduce this. How long is the “app left on the view item page” before being reopened?

I was unable to reproduce. Are you able to post a video of the behaviour? This might help us follow your steps to reproduce.

Can’t reproduce

Hi, normally the app has been in the background for some time when this occurs.

I’ll try and make a video, however it’s normally after I view an item, then don’t use the app for some time, when I return to the app and close the item to search or open another, the app crashes/restarts instead of going back to the main page.

This sounds like we would need to know every option and setting you have too. One little setting that you have set a certain way could be causing this, we would deff need to know the complete setup to try and reproduce the exact same scenario. I usually leave my app open in the background too, and even with that I haven’t experienced this issue.

Hey there, you can submit a bug report with steps to reproduce for the team to investigate :+1: