Invite a friend

Feature name

Invite a friend

Feature function

  1. What will this feature do differently?

    Allow existing Bitwarden users to invite their friends to use Bitwarden. When tapping on Invite a friend , the user can send a generated message through their preferred communication app or copy the message.


I use Bitwarden to securely store all my logins, identities and documents. The best part is I only have to remember a single master password to access all my information. Why don’t your try it out?
You can download it from

  1. What benefits will this feature bring?
  • Allow users to quickly invite their friends and family to use this password manager.
  • Increase the number of bw users

Related topics + references

  1. Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful?
  • Most apps have this feature already especially instant messaging apps like Signal, Whatsapp, etc