Installing Bitwarden for a second user on a Samsung Tablet


I’m using a Samsung S6 Lite tablet. I created a second user profile on my tablet to separate my test account from my normal account.

The test account has no Google profile, so I can’t use Google Play services. Instead, I downloaded Bitwarden from F-droid, but when I try to install it, I get a “installation error, no reason given” message.

Bitwarden is already installed on the tablet and (foolishly) I thought that by adding a user I would have access to existing apps, the same way I don on Windows.

So, my questions:

  • Is it possible to install a Google Play and a F-Droid installation side-by-side on an Android Tablet? If so, how?

  • If not, does anyone know how I can configure the new user to have access to Bitwarden as installed on the tablet, but without requiring a Google account? I understand that this may be a question more specific to a Samsung/Android forum, but I’m hoping I’m not the first ever person to try this!



P.S. The same test account was able to install a second instance of F-Droid on the tablet.