Installation key not accepted during installation

Hi, I got an installation key with my email

Invalid installation id.
localhost:~# 1379bfc1-450-4c92-8935-afd8013518a3
-ash: xxxxxx-4450-4c92-8935-afd8013518a3: not found
localhost:~# xxxxxxxxx0-4c92-8935-afd8013518a3
-ash: xxxxxxxxx0-4c92-8935-afd8013518a3: not found

I created some more but same!

How to solve this?

PS I already did an Installation with this email where a generated key was accepted
BUT I made some mistakes because I could not create an account when loging in with VM IP
So I went back to the snapshot before installation and started new.
Created a new key with this email, That is now not accepted!