Install on cell phone - doesn't save new data

My first posting, so I hope I’m doing it correct. Otherwise someone will have to tell me (also non-native English speaker, if I sounds funny).

So, installation of App (from Play store) do not work on my cell phone. Have already one installment on a Huawei Surfpad wich works fine. Now, on my cellular I can install the Bitwarden-App and log in by the Master login, but when trying to add new password/sites, it won’t save (no reaction what so ever, when I push “save” button…). Also, doesn’t react on front page, when pushing at the blue top frame, not the ‘three dots’, and not ‘search’, either…
I’ve looked over settings as best I can, but I don’t see any issues with them!?
Have tried the usual; uninstall, clean cache etc. No!
(I have an old LastPass App, not in-use, but that wouldn’t be a problem, would it? )

However, Bitwarden works fine when I go onto the Web interface, no problems at all!

The problems above relate to: Pocophone f1, Android 10, MIUI Global 12.0.3 Stable.

Anyone have any ideas?

Does the Poco have any type of app blocker that might be restricting network usage of the Bitwarden app?

Do you have battery saving mode enabled?

Hey there, can you check to ensure your OS is up to date and then remove and reinstall the Bitwarden app? I have seen this report for Poco phones before and sometimes this order resolves the issue, but let me know.