Install Bitwarden without Docker

Okay… so the Bitwarden code base is completely visible in their GIT repo. Furthermore, apart from a few commercially licensed modules, the whole application is placed under AGPL 3.0 - last time I checked, that’s considered an open source license.

But even Richard Stallman acknowledges that an open source enterprise may charge for the service of prepping or customizing code to your requirements.

That said (it’s drifting a bit off-topic here, so let’s get back on topic), it would be nice to have a self hosted option that doesn’t require a paid version of Docker by Bitwarden themselves.

The fact that Vaultwarden is out there (and not being sued or attacked by BW in any way) is the best proof that this is an open source project. You are free to fork it and make your own toy (or beast) out of it.

Hi @dwbit, I’m looking to self host bitwarden in some sort of windows environment. I’ve read through what’s currently available, but find it too much work involving docker. Is this something that is still in the works with Bitwarden on simplifying this type of setup, or did I misread the comments here?

Thank you in advance

Hey @Gerardv514 thanks for following up. We’re always looking at ways to improve the process, let me know if you’ve already had a chance to review this part of the documentation as a starting point: Server Setup Guide.

Hi @bw-admin i took a look at that, but it’s all foreign to me based on my experience level. I am pretty much limited to windows platform and even with that not much to do with command line items.

Gotcha, thanks for confirmation. Currently the team is hard at work on the 2022 roadmap items which are subject to change but we are always looking at ways to improve the Bitwarden experience. I don’t have any ETAs to share at this time, but will share as information becomes available.

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I would like to know when we can install Bitwarden without Docker

Please see dwbits’ post above yours for an answer

Hi everyone.

A use case that I can see in this resource requested here is for users with old machines like windows xp, windows 7 that are versions of windows that are very annoying for you to configure docker correctly.

Another use case I can see in this feature requested here is for users who are not technically savvy, so they don’t know command line: “docker pull” etc.

An alternative to install bitwarden without docker, would be useful for these two cases that I write: using old machines that do not support docker correctly or users without technical knowledge to configure docker. And for that they want installation without docker.

What do you all think of these two use cases? does it make sense or not?