Inline Auto fill showing wrong entries

When I tap on a password field in any android app I get suggested my EA accounts which all have the URL ( This is kinda annoying as my other password are just listed behind the ea accounts and I always need to scroll to get to the proper entries. I also don’t understand why my EA accounts get suggested at all when it’s just a URL and not some androidapp:// looking string. Any help is appreciated.

It’s a while since I’ve looked at this, but I seem to remember I set all my Android app logins to “Exact” URL match detection. I used to get similar issues but I believe that fixed it.

Hey thank you. It worked to remove the other app passwords. Unfortunately setting the EA logins, which are website links to exact would probably break the detection in some cases.
Rn I still have 4 EA logins with the URL (Electronic Arts-Homepage – Offizielle EA-Website) that are shown before the actual app login.

Try tweaking your vault items using different URL detection techniques, e.g. if your EA logins are still matching things they shouldn’t, you could add those URLs to the items and set detection to “Never”.