Inline auto-fill menu - add setting to disable obfuscation of username in browser plugin

@grb - This is an excellent suggestion, I think its going to work well for me… Just some effort to rename where I have multiple accounts. Thanks for this!

Thank you for the info. That would do the trick.

Since you are planning to implement this, please make it an option.

The security issue is with either the site, an extension, or any other injected code being able to see a list of accounts that are associated with each other. While there is rarely a need to hide said association, there are times where it matters. For example, I have public identities on sites where I have a need to also maintain a secret identity. It would be dangerous for me if the site or a third party discovered the connection. (And yes, I am already taking other extreme measures to avoid discovery with bitwarden being the only “breach”).

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I don’t disagree with this, but for your use-case, it may be safer for you to disable the inline auto-fill menus altogether, and instead use the right-click context menu option Bitwarden > Auto-fill login > (or simply open the browser extension pop-up window and left-click on the desired account).