Increase limit on the Number of Accounts in BitWarden App

Hi BitWarden community,

I’ve been using BitWarden as my password manager for some time now, and I’m very satisfied with its features and user-friendliness. However, I have noticed that both the Windows and Android apps have a limitation on the number of accounts that can be added, which is limited to only five per app. After reaching this limit, I receive a warning saying “Account limit reached. Log out of an account to add another.

To work around this issue, I have cloned the BitWarden app on my Android device to get a second app, but this is not an ideal solution, as I would prefer to have all my accounts in one app. Unfortunately, there is no such option available for Windows.

I would like to know if there are any plans to address this limitation. It would be great if BitWarden could increase the limit or provide an alternative solution for users who need to manage more than five accounts.

Hi @molinarimarco8, thanks for joining the Community. Bitwarden does not currently have plans to increase this limit.

Would you be willing to share more about your need for more than 5 Bitwarden accounts?

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Hello @dflinn, thank you for your response. I appreciate your interest in learning more about my need for managing multiple Bitwarden accounts.

In order to maintain organization and a clear separation between various email accounts that pertain to different areas and purposes, I have devised a distributed system for managing accounts and passwords. While it may be a bit intricate to explain in detail, this approach has proven to be the perfect solution for my requirements of safety and privacy. Presently, I manage between 10 and 15 email addresses using this system.

Unfortunately, the limitation of only being able to add five accounts in Bitwarden poses a challenge for me. I believe there might be other users facing similar constraints as well. Despite this limitation, I plan to continue using Bitwarden, but I truly hope that this issue can be addressed in the future. It would be a fantastic improvement for users like myself who require the ability to manage a higher number of accounts.

Thank you for considering my feedback.

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