Increase Generator Count

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I am trying to get the generator to automatically increase the count for Passwords from 14 to 20, is there an automatic option?

Thank you for your time and help in advance.

Expand the “OPTIONS” section, then drag the “Length” slider:

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HI There,

I appreciate your help!

But I am seeing this?

What version is yours I am using a paid version annually so I am not sure?

You had chosen the app:desktop tag, so I gave the answer for the Desktop app.

In your screenshot (from the Web Vault), there is no slider, but you can type a number into the field labeled “Length”.

My Apologies’, I am new and learning. Thank you I realized it has options to this. What I am looking for is that here

As you can see in the Password section it offers a small number of character count. What I am looking for is an option within this to increase the count. Each time I have to close it and go to the Tools section to generate a longer password including other characters etc. Is there an option?

Also as I am using a desktop, what is the appropriate tags I should choose?

Thank you for your invaluable advice.

I have changed the topic tag to app:web-vault, since that is the app you are using.

If you change the generator settings (e.g., Length) in the Tools > Generator screen, it should remember those settings when you use the generator function (:arrows_counterclockwise:) in the item editor.

Why are you using the Web Vault app to perform these tasks? I would suggest that you read the advice that I gave about the Web Vault and other apps in another recent thread:

Thank you, I will heed the advice.

I am glad I came on here today. Thanks for the solid advice and articles.

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