Incognito mode

Below is the changelog from swiftkey. Is it possible to mark text fields in the bitwarden app and extension to be private/sensitive so that swiftkey automatically switches to incognite mode?

  • SwiftKey will now automatically switch to "Incognito mode’ when you: open a private browsing session and when a text field is marked as private/sensitive (e.g Telegrams “Secret chat”)

Gboard keyboard also have Incogito mode. I want this feature for my security.

Noted - keep voting! :+1:

This is an important feature request.

I’ve seen similar features in Open Whisper’s Signal. In the Settings, you can toggle Incognito Keyboard, which lets Signal request Incognito mode from whatever keyboard you’re using. But, IIUC, it’s up to the keyboard to honor this request. Signal (or Bitwarden) can’t force it.

Is the most secure option for Bitwarden to bundle its own keyboard?

Doesn’t bitwarden already does this? Whenever I use bitwarden with SwiftKey, the keyboard automatically switches to Incognito