Inactivity lock options

i think the lock time is fine but should just be a text field with a default number and the user and input whatever time they like. to this there should be an inactivity lock as well. i want to login and stay logged in while im active and logout after x min of inactivity, and not just logout after x min of login.

is browser restart lock option the same as browser close? if not i would rather have it lock on close and not restart. if it is the same i would like to be able to set it so it logs me out after x min of inactivity and also lock immediately on close of browser.

This is a very useful feature if you accidentally left the browser/laptop running and won’t have to sign in every time after x minutes after initial login. Please add this feature!

An inactivity lock would be great, although I don’t know if the browsers make this available to add-ons without adding hooks for every single mousedown/keydown/scroll etc event. I’d rather bitwarden wasn’t being intrusive!