Inactive 2FA report and subdomains

Feature name

Inactive 2FA report should handle subdomains.

Feature function

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If has a recommendation for, but my URI is, it does not match.

I imported logins from my browser to the vault and ran the inactive 2FA report.

My docker login had no 2FA entry, but this was missed in the inactive 2FA report.

The URI I imported was

Changing this to triggered a recommendation in the report.

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I’m certain that many premium users are missing recommendations.

Also, I can’t find documentation warning of this behavior.

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If the host given to doesn’t match, and contains multiple subdomains, the platform could:

  • Remove one label and retry

If does not have a match, search for,, etc. until you reach the second level domain.

  • Just check the second level domain

If does not match, just check the second level domain

Either would overcome the mismatch problem and alert more users of inactive 2fa logins.