In Vault: edit logins data is overwritten

Strange behavior. When I go to edit a login, the true data is shown for a second, and then is overwritten by data from another particular login. It is not actually writing the data, that is, if I immediately close the frame, and then re-open, I see that the original data is still there (but just for a second).
This happens in Firefox in Linux Mint, and MacOS Chrome.
I am in the process of moving all my info over from LastPass, but to find this behavior is disturbing to say the least.

Just tried this again. Still happening. However, when I woke my computer from sleep mode, and activated the BW extension (1.39.3, using this currently in Chrome on MacOS 10.13.6), for the first several minutes this behavior did not occur. “4” minutes later, it does again.
Also, this does not happen to Card entries, only Logins.

Now late evening and I thought I would check on the situation. Good new (maybe??) is that I cannot reproduce the issue.

Sounds like your browser is autofilling information into the fields as they appear. It is recommended to turn your browser’s autofilling off.

Agreed, that is what I thought. But in Chrome, all three auto-fill options are turned off.

And the (bad) behavior is back again. Makes BW unusable for me until I clear this up.