✅ Import into organization's collection

Thanks, yes, the CLI can be used, and custom scripts can also be created to manage some of theses processes, you can send an email to the support team at Get in Touch | Bitwarden if you need additional assistance regarding scripts.

Regarding import to specific collection, will definitely be discussing with the team :+1: so thanks for detailed info.

This is a joke right? Even if I import via a Bitwarden CSV format, it doesn’t actually import into the correct Collection, it just creates a new one with the same name?!

Wow this feature request is from 2019…importing is really important if we have to move a large account to Bitwarden. Training manually organize each password, one at a time is not doable. I have to pause my migration plans. :frowning:

Thanks for the continued feedback, I’ve passed this along to the team :+1:

This is also a showstopper for us. I just got the go from management to onboard 30+ users to bitwarden but we are going to migrate from keepass with around 80 folders and subfolders and they need to be organized im collections. With this feature missing im thinking about cancelling the migration and looking elsewhere for an alternative.

Hi @tovoro and welcome to the community :tada:

I would like to clarify one thing. The keepass importer will take all existing folders (including subfolder) and map them into collections when imported via the organization import.

This feature request is to directly import into a pre-existing specific collection.

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@bw-admin It’d be highly useful for and expected from a solution that intends to cater to organizations to have CSV imports not duplicate existing collection names on every import, but to merge them instead.

The heads up that an integrations team can be brought in to work around their own product’s shortcomings is less than helpful.

Like many other companies right now we’re looking to migrate to Bitwarden. Discoveries like this one or the absence of a bulk collection-assigning facility are throwing wrenches into the works, undermining those of us who are Bitwarden advocates.

Hey @schnaz the team is always collecting feedback, and the forums is a community-based space with some staff support, as mentioned your feedback has been passed along to the team for review.

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oh please, this is really missing and by the way - it woult be nice to be able to filter after ‘date created’ because when the import goes awry it is a hassle to clean up.

Reallly missing those features - for quite sometime.


But how can this still not be a feature? If we’re gonna be honest this just means that the ability to sort items into collections is functionally non-existent, because it is not practical to export all data, delete all collections, import the data, then recreate all of the hierarchical access and permission settings we have in place.

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Just wanted to let you know that [AC-1119] [PM-1923] [AC-701] Import into a specified folder or collection by djsmith85 · Pull Request #5683 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub has been merged and will be included in the 2023.8 release (coming very soon).

More information will be available in the 2023.8 release notes and help center.

Closing this thread now as the feature is now available in 2023.8 .