Import form KeePassXC possible?

I told a friend about Bitwarden.
He told me that he is using KeePassXC and that this app allows to save the password vault in a separate (proprietary) format.
So is it possible to import data from KeePassXC ?

only way i knew:

KeepassXC -> export to .csv
Bitwarden -> import .csv

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So for KeePassXC the import works the same as for KeePassX.
Good to know.

Unfortunatly it is not that easy, keepassxc has a csv-Format bitwarden cannot read. I am looking for a solution right now.

I never used keepassxc so not sure that the exact problem is, but since you’re only dealing with csv, I’d imagine a simple perl or awk script should be able to fix your problem?

KeepassXC export to CSV is readable by Bitwarden now