Import authentication issue

Hello all!

I have been struggling with importing a very complicated excel that predates me working where I am. I am attempting to import an excel sheet with about fifteen hundred users. I want to make a script that creates a collection for each user and creates a password entry for each account under the appropriate user then imports that all into our organization collection so that then we can manage on the web interface. The issue I keep having issues with is that I cannot find out how to authenticate with my organizations vault to be able to try to import that information cleanly. I have tried to input my API information and even my user account information in the enviroment variables but not sure of what I am doing wrong. Would anybody have any information on this? Thank you in advance for any help!

@angel.dominguez Welcome to the forum!

I unfortunately don’t have the expertise to help you with this issue, but I wanted to point you to a downloadable Python script that is designed for migrating an entire organization. Not the same problem that you are trying to solve, but not entirely irrelevant either — perhaps you will be able to find some insights in that script (or in the accompanying instructions) that will help you answer your question.