Implement ssh-agent Protocol

I fully agree this feature is needed.

If this feature existed it would be a no-brainer over competitors.

I would love to see this in bitwarden!

I too would love to see this feature for not only my personal keys, but at work.

same here : please integrate ssh-keys into you product

Are there any new or plans to integrate SSH-Key in bitwarden ? it´s not possible to login to my Linux Server with a Username and Password. Only Key Auth based logins are supported. Still using KeepassXC for that case.



I save my private key in secure storage and uploaded my private subkey for auth, encryption, and signing to my yubikey where nothing can read from it but I can still use it.

Everyone who voted on this should vote on Implement ssh-agent Protocol

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Anyone opposed to me merging the threads for sanity? (votes will move, too)


I’d just like to add that implementing storage for multiple types of cryptographic keys could be nice. For example, I would want to store my PGP keys securely as well as my SSH keys.


+1 just moved over from lastpass for my personal usage (already use it for my team at work) and it’s the one feature I found myself missing.


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Yes please, this would make my day! :smiley:


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This is the least feature keeping me using KeePassXC


I would also love the idea. Iam currently just storing my private keys as attachments.

+1 I would really love to see this feature in bitwarden

+1 Please implement this.

Maybe a separate app with a fork of this (with the repo owners permission and official support):

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Is ssh-agent Protocol have not been implemented yet?

Hi @Harper_Caelestis!

No further updates on this one just yet, but we are absolutely keeping this need (and some other related items) firmly on the radar :slight_smile:


It seems that 1Password was faster…

Considering that GitHub now depends on ssh keys, I think there are significantly more devs wanting a simple solution to manage their keys.