Implement ssh-agent Protocol

I fully agree this feature is needed.

If this feature existed it would be a no-brainer over competitors.

I would love to see this in bitwarden!

I too would love to see this feature for not only my personal keys, but at work.

same here : please integrate ssh-keys into you product

Are there any new or plans to integrate SSH-Key in bitwarden ? it´s not possible to login to my Linux Server with a Username and Password. Only Key Auth based logins are supported. Still using KeepassXC for that case.


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I save my private key in secure storage and uploaded my private subkey for auth, encryption, and signing to my yubikey where nothing can read from it but I can still use it.

Everyone who voted on this should vote on Implement ssh-agent Protocol

Anyone opposed to me merging the threads for sanity? (votes will move, too)