Identify Which Login Is Being Applied When Using Hotkey

When there is more than one login available for a given website, pressing CTRL-SHIFT-L repeatedly steps through all the available logins, but there is no way to tell which login is being used after each press of CTRL-SHIFT-L.

Example: I have two bank accounts on different websites, each with its own password but with the same username - both websites use the same backend service - When I press CTRL-SHIFT-L repeatedly, BitWarden switches back and forth between the two passwords, but there is no way to tell when password is being applied.

It would be nice if BitWarden indicated which login was being applied.

But if - as you mentioned - they are on different websites you can easily distinguish between them by creating 2 items within Bitwarden and only adding the website that matches those credentials. You might have to select Exact for the match-making:


I discovered this shortly after I posted my suggestion, and it works! BitWarden rocks. Thanks.