Identify changed password for saved-login when vault is locked

When the volt is locked but not logged out, it would be useful if Bitwarden could identify if the current website being used is being accessed with a new password


Email: [email protected]
Saved Bitwarden password: Password1

I then change my password on a computer that doesn’t have Bitwarden to Password123

When I login to my computer (for whatever reason) I manually type in my email and password again.
As my new password is Password123 (replacing Password1) it would be helpful it Bitwarden would recognise this new password and offer to update my current record


Do you mean web vault?

Then you can manually sync the extension. But normally it would happen automatically.

It will sync automatically except during a Microsoft Azure outage.

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I tried changing a password login for a website that was already saved
I happen to know this password and it was easier for me to type it in manually than unlock my vault
I then updated the password (with a locked vault) but Bitwarden didn’t recognise I had this login saved in my vault.

It would be useful if the extension recognised if i changed a password on a saved website, even when the vault is locked

Closing this, as it was implemented with the December release. More information can be found on the Release Notes