iCloud stored Master password rejected on vault login

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Weekend gone a relation invited me to join his/her Bitwarden organisation that needed me to create a vault. I created the vault and the password was stored on my iCloud account. I installed Bitwarden app on an iPhone using the vault credentials.
Since yesterday the web vault is rejecting the iCloud stored password but the vault is accessible on the iPhone with my biometrics. I can not see a way to reset the (master) password in the iPhone app. Is it possible there?

Many thanks.

As you mention you just started I’m not sure how many items you have created. If you still have access to your fault in one location you may try an export of your vault or move any items into the shared organization.

As far as changing the master password I do not believe this is something that can be done on any clients other than the web interface currently.
You can ultimately delete your account if needed.


Thank you for your reply cksapp.

As I had just started using the software with no input, fortunately I could just delete the app account and once again start afresh. Still a mystery though why the iCloud stored password was rejected a day later.