I woke up to missing passwords and no response from Support

For some reason, I am missing accounts in my password vault. Just gone. Nothing.

Not all of them, only some of them. Seemingly the ones I use the most.

These are not obscure accounts I never use that I might have forgotten about or may have accidentally deleted. These are accounts I use daily, several times a day.

Gmail, banking, business sites, etc.

I contacted support but there is no response.

I need these to conduct business and no one is responding. I have lost a day’s work because of this. This is not a small issue for me. This is very serious!

I just saw how someone was able to recover some of their passwords by downloading their vault that was on their phone before it connected to the internet. Luckily I never use my phone so I was able to download the vault. But I have no idea if it got all of my accounts and I don’t know if I should even restore it since support isn’t concerned about this.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?
Did you determine what happened?
Were you able to restore your vault?
Were all of your accounts restored?


With my phone not connected to the internet, I can see at least one account that is missing.

I exported/downloaded that data, closed my Bitwarden app on my phone, sent the file via Telegram to myself, downloaded it to my Desktop, and then uploaded it to my Bitwarden account through the browser interface. Then I synced my Bitwarden browser extension. After all of that, still not there.

So, it seems that Bitwarden is purposely removing some of my passwords from my vault. Even when I try to upload my backup to restore those missing accounts, Bitwarden just deletes them again.

Can someone please fix this?!

Hey there, rest assured, Bitwarden does not remove vault items from your account. For official support, please reach out to the team here: Help Center | Bitwarden

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