I want to prevent Bitwarden matching a any paths of a URI but not its IP address or base domain

I want to autofill solely “”, but not “*”. How do I perform this?

I want to combine the “Starts with” and “Never” attributes of a URI.

You want an EXACT match then.


@dh024, if I do that, Bitwarden does not match the IP address with the page. However, it does if I set it to the default match detection. I am certain that the default webpage is literally the IP address and nothing additional.


It absolutely MUST be exact, right down to the trailing backslash, or it won’t work. Also check http vs. https as the leading part of the string - that must be exact to match as well. I use Exact matches a bit, and you just have to figure out exactly what the browser is using as the URL to make it work. Good luck!

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Thanks a lot. A trailing slash remediated the problem, although it was a forward-slash, because backslashes aren’t used in URLs, you silly billy


MyBad! But glad you got it working! :smiley: