I don't receive Login with device notifications on iOS unless I open the Bitwarden app

Hey folks!

Just asking if someone is having this same issue. I activated the Login with device feature to log in with my iOS Bitwarden app, but I’m not receiving any push notification unless I open manually the app.

Is this the intended behavior? I expect to get a std iOS notification and confirm from there (opening the Bitwarded app automatically if it’s needed) instead of having manually to do open it myself.

Let me know, thx in advance!

Hey @Atrium6101 I’m able to receive these on my device without having it open. Are you logged into multiple accounts in the mobile app?

I’m seeing this problem as well. Did you ever find a resolution? I’m only logged in with a single account.

Unfortunately, no, I didn’t :smiling_face_with_tear:.

A few things to try:

  • Ensure notifications for the Bitwarden app are enabled in iOS. Many of us just reflexively tap “don’t allow” these days:

    • [settings (iOS app) > notifications > Bitwarden]
  • Manually sync your vault and then try to login with device again. Sometimes this can get everything working again:

    • In the Bitwarden iOS app: open the Settings tab, tap the Sync option and tap Sync Vault Now.
  • Lastly, if your account is a member of an enterprise org with require SSO policy enabled, you will be unable to use Log in with device.