Huawei Browser Only Returns One Login Option for Androidapp URI

Hi, really sorry if this has already been answered, I have searched and scrolled through several pages of the forum but without luck so I’m hoping someone may be able to help!
I’ve been using Bitwarden for several years without any issues, however I’ve recently switched to Huawei devices and have taken a shine to their native Browser app. The only issue I’m facing with this browser is that whenever I try to log in to a site, the Bitwarden overlay pops up but when I tap and enter the vault, the only login options I get are for com.huawei.browser. Then if I try to add a new entry, it automatically fills the URI as androidapp:\com.huawei.browser, not the site that I am on.
I have tried changing all the URI detection methods but nothing seems to make any difference. Has anyone experienced this and found a workaround or am I destined to go back to Vivaldi?
Thanks in advance for any help!