How you guys saving the passkeys?

Hello guys !! As the title says, how you saving the passkeys ?? I’m just wondering.

At first I saved them separately from the passwords. For example for the same site I had one entry for the password and another entry for the passkey.

A few days ago I combined them, by adding the username and password into the passkey entry and deleting the other. Is is good a practice ??

I don’t see a problem for now. The only problem I can think is when it will be possible to transfer passkeys between password managers. I don’t know what will happened and if there will be a conflict. I’m not of course going to change from bitwarden tho.

I have a few that are separate, but that is because I created them before Bitwarden implemented deletion of passkeys; thus, the only way to delete a passkey was to delete the entire login item.

Going forward, I will probably combine the passkey with the standard username/password credentials in a single consolidated vault item, so that I won’t have duplicate entries in vault searches or in items matching a URI.