How to work with User Name & Password on different pages

I am trying to login to an app that asks for username on one page and password on the next after user name has been submitted. I can see and use . the bitdefender autofil option for the first page username but when submitted, there is no option for using bitdefender to enter the password. Can someone please help with this? Thanks. I’ve looked for solutions in the forum and in Bitdefender help and there is nothing

Hello @blueman125 - welcome to the community forums!

Here are three methods you can try to fill your password - and I am assuming that you are logging in from a browser with the Bitwarden extension (if not, tell us which mobile app you are using and which operating system):

  • use the auto-fill keyboard shortcut: Shift-Control-L (Shift-Command-L on a Mac)
  • right click the password field with your mouse and follow the Bitwarden menu items to fill the password
  • click on the icon for the Bitwarden extension in your browser and click on the matching entry fir the password

If those options won’t work, let us know and we can troubleshoot. Cheers!

Thanks David for the quick response. Unfortunately this for a an app not within a browser The app I’m trying to log into is Upwork. Its a Samsung Galaxy Tab

I kinda wondered but wasn’t sure.

What happens if you double-tap on the text box for the password in the form? Do you see an overlay to take you back to Bitwarden?

Thanks again David,

Unfortunately no, after using bitwarden to enter the email/user name, it moves me to the password page and there is no reference at all to bitwarden, even if double tapping into the password entry field,